The Piece Of String Short Story

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In the short story "The Piece of String”, written by Guy de Maupassant, Maître Hauchecome was viewed guilty about a lost pocketbook, people’s ignorance hindered them to realize hauchecome’s innocence. He was unable to live with the guilt and injustice which caused him his death. In the story “The Piece of String” the author conveyed some themes which really captured my interest, because we all see it in our daily lives. Sometimes we do things and don’t realize the consequences it may bring. Through the short story “The piece of String”, many people viewed Hauchecome guilty, not caring about his feelings. Often, the only way to gain a grip in life is to ignore people whose lifestyles or behaviors threaten your stability. Meanness, injustice…show more content…
This theme is the one that really capture my full attention. In our society we experience a lot of injustice, and people don’t even realize it, sometimes they are very simple things we do but in reality they may be considered as injustice. When election time some for Belize, the southern part of Belize don’t go vote but when the minster wins, he still have control over that area. Our country is a democratic country, where what these politicians are doing is a form of injustice. In this case what causes injustice in the power, since the only thing politicians want is power, they don’t care if the south don’t vote and ones they win they gave the power over them. In the short story hauchecome was a victim of injustice, he didn’t stole the pocketbook but he was still viewed guilty of all charges and guilty of a compliance with maître fortune. So, injustice does happen a lot, different people may view injustice in a different point of view. For example, if a poor father steals a loaf of bread to feed his children and is put in jail, is this injustice? Personally to me it would be injustice, because he had a valuable reason in doing so. Others may think differently, so injustice is caused by different things but in y situation I see injustice occur because of wicked

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