The Pigman Book Report

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The Pigman, by Paul Zindel is a fictional book based on an experience that two high school students, John Conlan and Lorraine Jenson, had to undergo. These two teenagers become good friends and begin to hang out on a regular basis. Together, both John and Lorraine learn important lessons about love, responsibility, and freedom. John and Lorraine got bored one day with their friends, Norton and Dennis, so they decide to prank call a random guy, known as Mr. Pignati. They call this man and pretend to be charity workers of the “L. and J. Fund”. Little do they know is that Mr. Pignati believes them and invites them over to his house. When John and Lorraine do come over, Mr. Pignati is very welcoming and talks to them for hours. Of the things they…show more content…
The next day John and Lorraine decide to meet him at the zoo. While they were at the zoo, they met Bobo. Bobo is a baboon who is Mr. Pignati’s best friend. After learning this, they have come to a conclusion that Mr. Pignati must be a very lonely person. He visits this monkey quite frequently and treats it almost as if it is a real person. Thereafter, they continue to visit Mr. Pignati at his house and discuss a variety of things with each while drinking a glass of wine. During one of their visits John and Lorraine find a funeral bill with his wife’s name on it. They learn that his wife has died, although he speaks of her still being alive in California. John and Lorraine’s relationship with Mr. Pignati has deepened greatly to the point that they begin to go to his house nearly every evening or afternoon. Mr. Pignati is now more than just a random guy they prank called, he is now a friend of theirs in which they can talk to about anything. John and Lorraine are very comfortable around him and have lots of happiness together. He is acts as a parent for the both of them and is very supportive of their decisions. John and Lorraine have stressful lives outside of school at
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