The Pigman Character Analysis

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Did you know that 1 out of every 4 high school students have reported that they have at least thought about suicide? This fact connects to many of the characters in “The Pigman.” The novel tells the tale of two high school Sophomores who have two very different perspectives on school. John, a rebel who is good-looking and notorious for pranks such as planting loud bombs in the boy’s bathroom at school, and Lorraine, a self-conscious, smart student. The fact relates to John in the way that his parents make him feel very unwanted. They show that they do not care and do not give him the attention he pleads for. The fact relates to Lorraine in the way that her mom, Mrs. Jensen, is constantly nagging and making nasty comments to her such as “Lose weight,” “Look prettier,” “Be perfect,” etc. etc. This makes her feel horrible about herself. John, Lorraine, and many other teens feel unwanted, lonely, and depressed. This is usually because there is a lack of communication between them and their parents and they believe that they do not get enough attention. This leads to rebellious acts in order to get attention. Like many characters in the novel, and like many teens in general, John feels unwanted, lonely, and depressed. For example, John’s parents do…show more content…
This relates to many of the characters in “The Pigman.” Many teens feel neglected because of their parents. Their parents don’t pay enough attention to them. A parent who verbally abuses their child, just like Mrs. Jensen, is just as bad as a parent who doesn’t do anything to stop their child, just like Bore. If a child begins to talk back to their parents, word abuse retaliation is not the right decision. This can lead to the child having a low self-esteem which then leads to depression. This can really backfire. To prevent any hurt feelings or thoughts, teens should spend more time with their
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