Short Summary Of The Pilgrim's Progress

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is the name of Christian’s wife. This part of The Pilgrim’s Progress tells the story of Christiana and her children’s journey to the Celestial City. The narrator recounts having met an old man, Sagacity, who tells the beginning of Christiana’s story. She decides to pack up and follow Christian to the Celestial City, taking her four sons and a fellow townswoman named Mercy along as a servant. On the way, they cross the Slough of Despond but are blocked at the gate by an angry dog. The gatekeeper lets them through. Continuing on, the sons steal fruit from the devil’s garden, and two ruffians threaten to rape the women, but they escape. The pilgrims are lodged in the Interpreter’s house. The Interpreter orders his manservant Great-heart to accompany them to the House Beautiful. Mr. Brisk pays court to Mercy but soon stops courting her because of her involvement in charity work. As a result of eating the devil’s fruit, Matthew falls ill but is cured by Dr. Skill. The pilgrims descend into the Valley of Humiliation and cross the Valley of the Shadow of Death. They encounter the giant Maul and slay him. After meeting the old pilgrim Honest, they take shelter with Gaius. The pilgrims continue on their journey and kill the Giant Good-slay then rescue the pilgrims Feeble-mind and Ready-to-Halt. They lodge with…show more content…
In terms of more strictly literary influence, Bunyan’s impact has been surpassed, among English writers, by only Shakespeare and Milton. William Blake, for example, drew extensively on the apocalyptic and visionary nature of Bunyan’s allegorical works. Commissioned to create a series of sketches based on The Pilgrim’s Progress in the early 19th century, he wrote to a friend that he had “fought through a hell of terrors”, which made it possible to “travel on in the strength of the Lord God, as Poor Pilgrim
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