The Pioneer: A Brief Summary

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The pioneer is a book that takes place long ago. The timing is in December around 1793. The main characters of the book are judge Temple and he has a daughter named Elizabeth. Elizabeth has just returned home with her father judge Temple. Elizabeth was sent to away to serving a female seminary. It is now winter season so they are surrounded by snow. The judge and Elizabeth are ridding through the snow with their dog sleighs. They all of a sudden see a deer ahead. The judge wants to shoot the deer so he decides to start shooting in that direction. All of a sudden he spots someone walking in the same direction.

The person who appears from the woods is named Natty. Natty and his friend hears all of the gun shots and decides to confront the
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Even a man named Hiram starts snooping around the cabin to see if he could get a look at whats inside. Hiram sees Natty shoot a deer knowing that it was illegal to shoot a deer when it was not in season. Hiram wants to see whats in the cabin so bad that he asks the judge to get a warrant so now everyone can finally know whats inside. The judge starts getting curious as well and agrees to the warrant. Natty refuses to let anyone in and stands in front of his door with his shot gun. Natty ends up getting arrested but ironically gets rescued by Oliver and Elizabeth.


Judge temple, in my opinion, was taken advantage of by everyone except Oliver. Oliver was the innocent one who was minding his own business in the woods when he was shot. He did not want to take the Judges help because he didn 't trust him. He was right not to trust the judge. Oliver was content living with natty and indian jones in the cabin being isolated. They should have gave the reader more insight as to what oliver, natty, and indian jones do in the woods in their spare time.

Elizabeth was the one person who was least talked about in the book . The book should have gave the reader more insight to her personality. it was really confusing trying to see the connection and the relationship between Oliver and Elizabeth. The author should have gave more insight as to how they fell in love and why. The pioneer was confusing
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