The Place Of The Gods Short Story

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1.)There are only two known characters in the story; one is John, the main character; the protagonist of the story, along with the other, which is John’s father. The story doesn’t describe John’s or his father’s physical appearance, however, individually we know what their personalities are like. From the beginning to the end of the story, John has show traits such as courage, determination during his journey. John was also determined to enter the Place of the Gods, furthermore a result of his determination, he had successfully reached the Place of the Gods. John was also shown to be a static character, meaning he didn’t legitimately change by the end of the story. Afterward is John’s father, the priest. John’s father is shown to be a splendid father, due to the fact that he has made his son into a priest, giving him independence, he has also warned him about the dangers that will await him in the Forbidden p 2.) Throughout reading this story, I’ve come up with the theme of technology might not be as great as everyone think it is. After understanding the story a bit more, I learned that the theme is a myth along with reality; what you glimpse isn’t always the truth. In the story, the Place of the Gods is referred to as a forbidden place, an area that has metal that can kill anyone besides a priest. Generally, all of the village people believed that the forbidden place is a dangerous area, but John has demonstrated that were not the truth. Instead, it was just a destroyed
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