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HAROLD is an IRS agent whose life is run by routine. One day Harold’s morning routine is interrupted by the voice of a woman who narrates every detail of his life. At work later that day Harold is assigned to audit ANA, a Harvard law dropout turned baker. As he stops at a crosswalk Harold notices that the time on his watch is wrong and as he adjusts his watch to an inexact time, the voice of the narrator says that this “seemingly innocuous act would result in his imminent death.” Harold becomes frantic at the news of his possible fate. Harold immediately springs in to action and sets out on a search for answers to determine whether or not his life is truly at stake.
Harold first meets with a PSYCHIATRIST who is brief in her responses and is quick to conclude that Harold is mentally ill. Unsatisfied by her diagnosis, Harold asks her for further advice so she tells him to look for answers from someone knowledgeable about literature. Harold then goes to see PROFESSOR JULES HILBERT, an eccentric literary professor. At first, professor Hilbert does not see any connection between the narration that Harold experiences and themes consistent in novels that he studies. Harold grabs the
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As Harold continues to audit Ana he develops feelings for her. Ana and Harold get into an argument that saddens Harold and leads him to believe that his story is surely a tragedy. Harold tells professor Hilbert this news and the professor tells him that his next task is to stay home and do absolutely nothing. Harold must do this to see if he has control of his own destiny. Harold proceeds to sit at home and do nothing at all when a wrecking ball crashes through his apartment wall. When professor Hilbert hears about the incident he tells Harold that his fate is no longer in his hands. Professor Hilbert tells Harold that he needs to give up and go enjoy the rest of his

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