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During the mid-fourteenth century, a plague hit Europe. Initially spreading through rats and subsequently fleas, it killed at least one-third of the population of Europe and continued intermittently until the 18th century. There was no known cure at the time, and the bacteria spread very quickly and would kill an infected person within two days, which led to structural public policies, religious, and medical changes in Europe. The plague had an enormous social effect, killing much of the population and encouraging new health reforms, it also had religious effects by attracting the attention of the Catholic Church, and lastly, it affected the trade around Europe, limiting the transportation of goods. As a response to the plague that took place…show more content…
An Italian housewife’s husband was suffering from the plague. Her sister had sent her a piece of bread that had touch the body of a saint, so this was an important relic for the Catholic family. As a Catholic, like the majority of Italy, she fed the relic, believing it had the capability of saving her husband. Once he was cured, she believed it was the relic to have saved him, and wanted others to know that this is what saved her husband, and could possibly save all of Europe. (Doc 7) A Priest in Italy, Father Dragoni, provided for those with the plague by feeding the ill and paid guards to help with the recovery process. As a priest at that time, Father Dragoni worked with the state and people in high positions to help those who were impacted by the plague. He felt the obligation to help those to practice good deeds, most likely for salvation, an idea that was spread among the Catholics in Italy during that time. (Doc 9) The Plague Column, built after the Plague thanked God for ending it. This shows how the people of Vienna looked up to God for comfort and is the one who is believed to be behind all events that occured (Doc 15). As hopeless as the public was, religion was something to turn to as a solution and to end suffering. This made the Catholic Church an important figure of the

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