The Plague Of Doves Summary

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I read a historical fiction book called The Plague of Doves by Louise Erdrich. The book was published by HarperCollins Publishers in 2008. The book is told from three different points of view that emerge together into one at the end. While reading you find out the history of the town, including the unsolved murder, and the people who lived there. The book takes place in Pluto, ND and the reservation around it. A girl named Evelina is the main character and throughout the book you learn about her life and you see the struggles she has with finding herself. At the beginning of the book she is a little girl living with her parents, her brother Joseph, and her grandfather Mooshum. The book begins talking about the past, with the plague of doves and how Evelina’s grandfather met her grandmother. When the point of view switches to the present you find out that Evelina loves a boy name Corwin Peace. Corwin becomes an important character throughout the book. Later on when Evelina is older Mooshum tells her and her brother about the murder that happened in the past. He says that he was with three other people when they stumbled upon the murdered family. They milked the cows and feed the only…show more content…
I found it very boring because she would drone on at some parts and I had no interest in the book after reading the first few chapters. The way she wrote the book was interesting. There are three different narrators and during those parts you fill in more pieces of the puzzle and they all converge in the end to create a big picture. I liked that she used foreshadowing a lot. She foreshadowed who the killer was, that Marn was going to kill her husband, and that Evelina liked girls. I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone because I didn’t enjoy it that much, I definitely wouldn’t recommend reading it as a pleasure
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