The Plague: The Water Elf Disease

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During the 1300’s one of the biggest illness was The Black Plague. The Black Plague killed half of the population. Other diseases took many lives also. The Medical field and technology was not good like it is today. Since modern technology, Britain has been plague free for 96 years now.
The Plague came about in Este Italy, when the soldiers came back from being at war. The Plague was brought about by the fleas on rats. The rats soon infested the food and that was how the spread was so quickly. The Plague was a slow and painful death it took many lives of many people. Nobody knew what was causing so many deaths till researchers today did the study and had the technology we have today.
One of the many strange diseases was The King’s Evil Disease,
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This disease was also a very cruel disease during all this time. The disease made people develop sores, blacked out nails, and ever really bad watery eyes. They had believed this was caused by being stabbed by a “witch”. The way they thought to get rid of such a horrible sickness was to ingest a lot of different plants and herbs or soak in ale. Researchers found out today that this disease was caused by an infection in the heart valve. Without the knowledge and technology, we have today we would be oblivious to such disease. Most people would of never knew the problems they had if technology and science was not as strong as it is today. Due to the studies and the technology we have today this allows us to do a “deeper” study whereas back then they learned off of trial and…show more content…
The people would undergo surgeries and probably would have lived longer with the disease or illness they had rather then get this disease. Most of the people that tried to heal died during the healing stage of their illness or surgeries. Woman who were expecting babies, would give birth to pretty much random people off the streets. These people had no clue what they were doing and the babies would often not make it and if the baby did make it the immune system the babies had was not strong enough to encounter half of the sicknesses and the illnesses that were around at the time. Another factor of death was how oblivious the people were to the mold that would grow on the bread and they had no idea the damage it would do to their bodies.
I think the main factor to all the damage done and deaths was the loss of knowledge and the fact that they were so behind in everything we have now I’m not going to say that they would of survived but they probably would have had a better chance to overcome the sickness or disease they had rather than random people off the

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