The Plain Belly Sneetches Analysis

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African American children, especially those with disabilities, provide an easy outlet for the police and campus security to act upon their white supremacist beliefs. In the case of Madisyn Wordlow, she was punished based on the security guard’s idea that he was “teaching her a f------ lesson” (qtd in Boroff). She had not actually stolen a piece of candy, but that did not matter to the guard. From his perspective, this was the perfect opportunity to humiliate and degrade an African American girl. He went on a power trip and belittled a child for their skin color, turning accusations about stealing a piece of candy into an event that scarred Wordlow for life. Kalyb Primm was handcuffed in order to “keep him from hurting himself” because he was supposedly out of control, but he was just trying to walk away from the…show more content…
In the story, the star signifies a higher social rank, so the Sneetches without stars are considered to be inferior by their star-bellied brethren. Similarly, due to the children’s darker skin color, the police believe them to be dangerous and subhuman, and they should be treated accordingly. The Plain-Belly Sneetches are wrongfully humiliated by the privileged and excluded from their activities. African American children are also wrongfully humiliated and punished for their differences. Like the Sneetches, who did nothing wrong to cause their alienation, the children had not committed any offenses that required such severe punishments like handcuffs, but due to their skin color, such methods were used. At the end of the story, both types of Sneetches learn that stars do not condone discrimination against those that are different, and Dr. Seuss wants people to learn that such a concept also applies to real life. Children should not receive different treatment based on their skin color, especially when it is about
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