The Planned Parenthood: Public Interest Groups

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Flippen 1 Shaunice Flippen Planned Parenthood is considered a public interest group, which are citizen activist groups that try to represent what they deem to be the interest of the public at large. The most recent controversy in the news today is the proposal by the Republican Party to defund Planned Parenthood for one year, which is expected to fail, which could shut down the government. President Obama and Senate Democrats are willing to shut down the federal government to ensure that tax dollars keep flowing to the Planned Parenthood organization, one of their biggest political allies and financial contributor of millions of dollars to the Democratic Presidential campaign and Party. Lobbyist who works for the Planned Parenthood…show more content…
The defunding would leave women and men without health insurance due to not being able to afford it which would lead to no birth control and screenings needed to remain healthy. Also, defunding of Planned Parenthood would be a big mistake because the organization provides services for approximately 2.6 million women. Medicaid would help with cost of having babies and women with young children who qualify for welfare, but what about the services that Medicaid does not offer to men and women who do qualify for Medicaid or welfare. According to statistics, the federal government budget is 3.3 trillion and Planned Parenthood only gets 500 million, which is a drop in a bucket. The legislators have become insensitive to the needs of the less fortunate when it comes to the health and welfare of citizens. Big powerful special interest groups have interfered with politicians’ decision to do what’s right; it appears that the political system has become corrupted and money plays a big role in their decision and money is very influential in getting the legislators to pass bills. One would believe that our politicians are making the battles between the political parties personally; it appear that if the parties don’t agree with another, they resort to drastic measures such as shutting down the government causing more hardship on

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