The Plastic Pink Flamingo Essay

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Jennifer Price in the article “The Plastic Pink Flamingo” examines that the plastic pink flamingo gained a lot of popularity in the 1950’s. Price supports her examination by separating the article into two separate categories: the flamingo and the color pink. The author’s purpose is to point out to the rise in interest of the pink flamingo so that people understand how it shows that Americans do everything they can to prove their wealth. Price appeals to the readers interested in United States culture using the relationship between the pink flamingo and the United States culture.
Price crafts the text in a specific way in order to show that the United States culture consists of people trying to prove their wealth. This is first shown in the
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The beginning of this paragraph states “and the flamingo was pink—a second and commensurate claim to boldness” (Price). This quote emphasizes the color pink. The quote puts the color pink at the same level as the flamingo, as a way to be bold and show wealth. This quote introduces the rest of the paragraph’s use of the color pink to show how it represents wealth. Another place in this paragraph that emphasizes the color pink being a claim of wealth is when it says “the hues were forward-looking rather than old-fashioned, just right for a generation, raised in the Depression, that was ready to celebrate its new affluence” (Price). This quote shows that the color pink was a big way people claimed their wealth. The people raised in the depression did not want to be recognized as being poor, so making everything pink was a big way to show their wealth.
All throughout this article, Price crafts her text to reveal that the United States culture mainly consisted of Americans proving their wealth. The main way Price crafts her text is by separating it into two different subjects, the flamingo and the color pink, and using big, descriptive words to further elaborate on the two topics. This gives two different points on how claiming the wealth was formed in the United States and makes these points
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