The Platypus: The Evolution Of The Duck Bill

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The Evolution Of The Platypus
Platypus have wonderful features like the duck bill the duck bill has enable the platypus to hear and breathe while diving for it’s prey for platypus being good at swimming and are good diggers.The platypus have adapted to have strong,shovel-like claws that enable them to move and disturb thick,heavy soil and mud they dig in order burrow it’s like making a home for the male and important female to use it for nesting in the burrow.
One of the most distinguishing feature of the platypus is its duck bill. This feature enable the platypus to hear and

breathe while diving for prey. It is remarkably similar to a duck’s bill, hence the name, but it most likely evolved independently

of the duck, despite this similarity.As
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Two theories have been suggested to explain the way in which the platypus and other monotremes, e.g. echidna, has evolved in relation to two other mammal groups; the marsupials, e.g. kangaroos, and the placentals, which are animals that use a placenta to aid the rearing of their young.The second theory (Theory A) was first proposed by Gregory (1947), but did not become popular until the 1970s (Hamilton, 1988). His proposal was that at some point between 135 and 65 million years ago, the monotremes and the marsupials separated from the placentals, causing them to evolve in a different way as we know as today. The evidence to support Gregory’s theory is that the reproductive processes of both the marsupials and the monotremes have a remarkable similarity. The embryos of both groups are at some stage encased in a shell during the gestation period. In the case of the monotremes this occurs for the whole gestation period, but for marsupials the shell is only present for two thirds of the gestation period.The Aboriginal population had known about the platypus for many centuries. But it was not until 1797 that the Europeans discovered them.The first scientific examination and description of the platypus was made by George Shaw.He gave the platypus the name - Platypus anatinus. He published his findings in Naturalist 's Miscellany vol X in 1799.So the platypus are crechers that live in long period in time.They might be very old

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