The Plebeian Revolt In Ancient Rome

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The plebeian revolt started in Rome because the Patricians and Plebeian Classes, that made up the Roman Republic together did not equally treat, they were not taking the same rights, however, each of them had some rights. The differed economically and politically was the main reason for the outbreak of war between them. Since we are talking about the plebeian revolt, we should know a brief about the warring parties. The first party is the patricians. They were a small rich aristocracy group, they dominated Roman society. They exercised great political and religious power. On the other hand, the plebeians were a free Roman and were a common group of people that include the poor and that wealthy land owner. We can notice that the majority of them from the wealthy, but they were ordinary citizens not elite. They worked in agriculture, construction, selling, and crafts. The distinction between patricians and plebeians in Ancient Rome was so big, for example, no one could become a patrician simply by acquiring wealth or political power…show more content…
The patricians and the plebeian were united with each other in the wars to rid of kings. Some of these wars took place near city state. The patricians, who living a lavish lifestyle, were protected by the city walls. While the plebeian was not in the same case. They went to the wars and serving in the army to fighting for the good of everyone unlike the patricians, although that they have had terrible consequences. According to Morey “Accordingly, when they were serving in the army, their little farms were neglected, or ravaged by the enemy, their families were driven away, and their property was destroyed. In this way, while serving their country, they were deprived of their houses and fields, and of the means of subsistence, and so were reduced to a condition of poverty and great distress.” (Morey,
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