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I am Not a Crook: The 37th President Leading up to the 1972 Presidential election, President Richard Nixon wanted to defeat his opponents with a landslide victory. This desire allowed him and his staff to bend and even break the law of the United States, adding to this the President was becoming increasingly paranoid due to a large amount of leaks from his office to the media. This caused President Nixon to install listing devices in the White House, but after the leak of documents know as the Pentagon Papers, the break in of the of the Democratic National Committee, DNC, the cover up that fallowed the break in, and the deleting of eight-teen minutes of taped recorded conservation brought to light a darker side to the President. This scandal…show more content…
In order to isolate the individual who they suspected for the leaks. But in 1971 Daniel Ellsberg leaked documents known as the Pentagon Papers to the New York Times, these documents showed US history and involvement in the Vietnam War. The papers showed the the US Military’s enlarged scale of operation of the war from the bombing being conducted in Laos, Cambodia and the raids in North Vietnam. With the leak of the Pentagon Papers, David Young the administrative assistant to Henry Kissinger published a memo for the creation of the “The Plumbers”. The plumbers consisted of persons who specialized in security and intelligence gathering in order to plug the wholes were the “leaks” were coming…show more content…
Howard Hunt and G.Gordon Liddy broke in the Democratic National Committee, DNC located in the Watergate Building in Washington D.C. The break was conducted by five men who were ordered to plant listening devices in the CRP to gain an edge over the democratic party for the 1972 election. The initial break in went without incident. After a month of listening to the office gossip of the DNC employees, the plumbers found that the head of the DNC office phone was faulty. This leads the plumbers to need to break back into the DNC offices and replace the faulty bug. At approximate 1in the morning the plumbers enter the Watergate building by picking the door lock, once that was complete another man placed tape over the door handle. The reason the man placed the tap over the door was to make it easier for the plumbers to come and goes a they please and this tactic was used but the janitorial staff of the Watergate building in order for them to come and go from the dumpster without having to lock and unlock the doors. A security guard notices the tape on the door and removed it while he conducted his foot patrol of the area. At approxitly 1:50 am the security guard notices the door was taped again and it was at this time the security guard noticed the police that something was wrong. The security guard know that the janitorial staff had gone home for the evening and that there was no reason for the door to be tape open. After being

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