The Poem Fortunate Son

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The war of exterior and interior. Fortunate Son satirizes the upper class in America, it represents the mood of citizen at that time. Fortunate Son is a famous song sang by a popular American rock band, called Creedence Clearwater Revival. They had written about 3 songs about policy, Fortunate son is written for anti-Vietnam war, which was suffered amounts of American people from 1955 to 1975. The whole poem talks about the offensive emotion that people had, they against the unfair treatment, the major theme of the poem is war, which is related with the Vietnam war and the social stage war. The writer protests against the war and unjust society, he said “I ani’t not Senator’s son”, which means that he did not have the privilege as the senator’s children, the normal people like him were force to the war even thought they against this war consequently, the son of senator had the right to avoid war, the reason is they were born in a rich and powerful family. This unfair position that the poor forced to fight. Moreover, they lost their life for obtaining benefit for the rich, contributed to the resistance of people. The poem reveals the dark side of society. It brings angry and passive to readers, since we know that this situation only happens in America, it happens everywhere around the world, people face the difference of stages. In some occasion, the problem will intensify in some particular time, similar to the Vietnam war, the unfair treatment between normal people and
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