The Poem The Sloth Theodore Roethke

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The sloth The poem the sloth by Theodore Roethke. Theodore Roethke was born and raised in Saginaw Huebner. The green house that his father owned “Was my symbol for the whole life, the womb.” Roethke was the first one in his family to attened collage. In 1963, Roethke suffered from a heart attack in his friends swimming pool. The swimming pool is now a public Zen rock Garden that can be viewed by the public.The tittle of the poem tells us that the poem is going to be about a animal. In moving slow he has no peer You ask him something in his Ear He thinks about it for a Year The speaker starts the poem by telling us that there isn’t another animal that can compete with the animal sloth slowness. In line three where the speaker said: “ He thinks about it for a year.” He is informing us that the animal is not only slow in movement, he is also slow in thinking, if you ask him something it takes him almost a year to realize that he had been asked. The speaker probably wants to tell us that sloths are dumb.…show more content…
The speaker tells us that bird sits on top of the branch and the sloth will hang upside down. The speaker describes the sloth as being quiet or of few words but he assumes that we know what he was going to say or what he was thinking about. A most Ex-as-per-at-ing Lug But should you call his manner Smug, He’ll sigh and give his Branch a
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