The Poetry Of Islamic Poetry During The Pre-Islamic Period

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Poetry was a major part of Arabic literature. Poets during the Pre-Islamic period were considered very important because they were the propagandists, journalists, preachers, entertainers and political representatives of their tribes. During the transition between the Pre-Islamic and the Early Islamic periods, poetry lost its popularity due to the emergence of Islam. Poetry of the two periods differed in content, but was still similar in structure. Before Islam, poets composed erotic content and either praised the leader of their tribe or ridiculed their enemies. Ka 'b Ibn Zuhayr was a Mukhadramun poet, because he was one of the few who witnessed both periods. During the pre-Islamic period, Ka’b’s father was one of the Mu 'allaqat poets and after his death; his fame was inherited by Ka 'b. As Islam emerged, Ka 'b refused to give up his belief of polytheism and therefore used his fame to write satire poems against the Prophet and against Islam, as a result of that, the prophet asked his people to kill Ka’b.
As any other typical qasidah, this one also has three parts to it; starting with the nasib/love prelude. During pre-Islamic times this part would usually include an erotic description of women that the poet is after; however, this poem eradicates erotic descriptions and instead offers a more pure and innocent description of women (lines 1-12). Ka’b speaks about the departure of Su’ad and how sad that made him, and then compares her smile and eyes to a lot of

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