The Poetry Of Nabati Poetry As A Form Of Poetry

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Nabati poems are a form of poetry from the ancient Arabic poetry that gives a description of the events that occur on daily basis. Using the poetry was more frequent in the Arabian Peninsula where it displayed the unique history and the traditional practices of the locality. Nabati poetry gives a description of the events in the Arabian Peninsula and the Middle East countries in the past. The uses of Nabati poetry started in the 6th century as a show of the talents of the natives at a place by the name Nabati, especially in creativity. The second reason is the resulting language that resulted from the interaction of different cultures forming a new language by the name Nabati. Most of the common themes addressed in Nabati literary poetry are Chivalry, pride and exaltation, eulogy, satire, advice and wisdom, society, description, proverbs, narratives, riddles and epic. Poems on chivalry consist of the largest body of work whereby most poets prefer to start their compositions on a courage theme. Next after the courage theme is the pride and exaltation, which is considered vital in the traditional setting. Loyalty and devotion to one 's community was a significant virtue in the traditional setting (Maktoum, 2012). The primary aim of this paper is to consider the use of Nabati poems as a form of communication in the Arab countries. The purpose of poetry as a form of literary work is to express feelings and emotions through distinct styles of writing such as rhythm. Poems have

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