The Poetry Of Sheldon Allan Silverstein

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Sheldon Allan Silverstein took his first step of his life of poetry when he joined the army and if he did not go he would not be anything today (“Welcome to Shel Silverstein.”, 2013). Usually, when you go to the army to defend your country you just do that. Somehow, Sheldon defended the country and became a distinguished poet. The poem, he wrote that he receive much nobility was “Pacific Stars and Stripes” (, 2014). He gained a great deal of recognition over other poets that he was a excellent poet after he wrote the poem. Another famous poem, he wrote was “How Many, How Much” he gained great deal of recognition for that too. Consequently, if he never departed to the army and wrote “Pacific Stars and Stripes” might have never been as massive as he is today (“Welcome to Shel Silverstein.”, 2013). Sheldon Silverstein opened the door for people to see his life through his poetry filled with rhythm and Symbolism. He attended the Roosevelt University and at the time it was extremely difficult to attend. (, 2014). Sheldon Allan Silverstein was born September 25, 1930 in Chicago, Illinois (, 2014). He developed his writing style and skills as a youth. He served in the US Military in Japan and Korea in the 1950’s. He worked as a cartoonist for the military paper, and at that era he wrote Pacific Stars and Stripes (“Welcome to Shel Silverstein.”, 2013). After the military, Sheldon Silverstein became a cartoonist for national magazines

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