The Poetry Of Slam Poetry

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According to, slam poetry is the most vital energetic movement in poetry during the 1990’s. Slam poetry is known to have put interest and energy in poetry performance. Poetry began as a part of oral tradition, in the performances of slam poetry beat/melodic sounds would be added but some slam poet don’t add anything it’s just spoken words only. The interest of slam poetry was reborn through the rise of poetry across America, slam poetry was well received to young poets and poets of other style. Slam poets are known for focusing on Politics, Racism, Economic, and Gender equality when reciting or righting their spoken words. The slam poet I chose is Notsikelelo Mazwai who prefers to be called by her clan name MAmiy. She was born September 3 1980, in Soweto, Gauteg South Africa. She is known for her style of mixing her inspirational poems with beat and the power of her voice carries when it comes to South African spoken words. The style of her poems, she uses social issues, issues that we face as South Africans. She could talk about Politics, Oppression, Woman abuse and more. In here poems she acts as a voice for the People of South Africa. She speaks for the ones who can’t speak, for the ones who are silenced. Recently she wrought are poem “Looting? Xenophobia? Ask ANC” this poem is talking about the recent xenophobic attacks that had been taking place in our country South Africa. There is also a poem “MR. Minister and Staff (2 Questions)”, this poem is like a

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