Forgiving In William Blake's Poem 'The Poison Tree'

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To forgive or not to forgive that is the question? Many people within society battle, whether or not they show forgive their enemies or get rid of their enemy. Some people believe that enemy is always enemy while others believe that the enemy can become a friend. Unfortunately, forgiving someone is not always as easy as holding a grudge against them. This is one of society major flaws and that is to forgive our foes. In William Blake poem entitle “The Poison Tree” from Literature of Fiction, Poetry and Drama, argues that humanity biggest flaw is to forgive one another. Which leads to the manifestation of the Poison Tree, which at the end creates everlasting death for anyone who is consumed by it.
The angry the narrator has for foe leads
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The speaker’s plan of revenge was all covered with a deceitful smile and tricky ways. It’s a harmful trap for the enemy to bite into meaning the apple, which as be contaminated with the narrator angry. Unaware of the danger, the enemy’s life is in the hand of the narrator. “My foe outstretched beneath the tree (line 16).” Which describes a horrific finish to such anger. Oftentimes, when people are confronted with such an emotion, decisions made are hasty. They react violently and their judgments are clouded as the narrator said it can be manifested into a plant such as a tree. The narrator is trying to defeat his foe, in the simplest way and that is done through sweet revenge. For example, if young child doesn’t like another child that child tends to place traps for their victim which are usually done in simple matter. Similarity, to the narrator who used the apple as a simple device to entrap his foe into his death.
The question is are you going to forgive your foe or are going to become the narrator and kill your foe. There is no such thing as a sweet revenge. The Poison Tree poem is an example of what not to do, but instead we must learn to love one another and maybe one day that the word foe will be deleted from our dictionary. Instead it will be placed with the word forgiveness even to those who has trespass such as the
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