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“Sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we can’t see.” Magical and breathtaking, this quote from the equally magical movie, The Polar Express, represents the Iowa Poultry Industry in a nutshell. When people think of Iowa they think “CORN!” but corn is not the only agriculture industry Iowa excels at. Iowa ranks #1 in the nation for egg production and egg processing. Yet, poultry is still ignored and teased, not only in agricultural classrooms, but the social system. Eggs contain some of the most essential vitamins and nutrients needed for a healthy diet, only falling second in human nutrition after mother’s milk. These vitamins give us energy, make muscles stronger, improve brain functions, and so much more. Eggs also take the prize for the highest quality protein you can purchase. They can be…show more content…
Middle school it was mentioned maybe once or twice, as well as in the other classes up through my senior year. The only time it was explained in depth was freshman year when we raised broiler chickens: throughout the two months of class we learned about the poultry industry and record keeping. {} Keep in mind I was the only student at my school who showed poultry at fair through FFA and 4-H. I was one of the only students who cared, but that doesn't mean we shouldn’t be taught more about the industry. In 2015 a country wide outbreak of Pullorum Typhoid hit. Millions of birds were euthanized or died from the disease, causing an enormous amount of monetary loss for the industry. All poultry in Iowa were banned from swaps and shows for the year. 4-H and FFA shows had to improvise and organized a poultry quiz bowl in the place of shows. In the following years since, the rules and guidelines have been greatly enforced. Since 2015, any bird that is placed in a show or taken to a community swap must first be tested for PT. Cleanly practices have become more

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