The Polaris Project Analysis

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Furthermore, exploited individuals may be subjected to a wide range of trauma- specific counseling that is aimed at helping victims rebuild their self-esteem, regain empowerment and reconnection with themselves and society. Health care professionals also states that victims must be offered very sensitive outreach with allows them to gain helpful access to mental health services, safe houses and other helpful tools that will assist them in developing their reforming skills to get back in touch with themselves again (Ross, Dimitrova, Howard, Dewey, Zimmerman & Oram, 2015). Most survivors do regain their psychological well-being and heal physically with the assistance and access to much needed resources or assistance from for victims.
Additionally, the various needs of victims of human trafficking can create and provide extensive challenges for health care providers trying to assist and help victims with collaborative services. An array of difficulties may arise when it comes to victims receiving the necessary care from medical professionals, there might be a lack of available resources that provides case management services as well as after care services for individuals that desire such help. Also the
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Polaris works collaboratively with victims and crisis hotlines with hopes of locating trafficked victims and offering solutions and assistance to those victims, and offers solutions to those victimized by human trafficking. Polaris is Considered as one of the largest organization that combats human trafficking domestically (, 2017). Polaris also strives for a stronger state and federal anti-trafficking legislations. In addition, the organization urges national community members to stand up and take a stand as one to identify individuals that they feel are being exploited and report such
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