The Polaris Project Summary

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The horrifying nature of slavery is something that pre-dates written history. However, it has managed to retain its popularity throughout scores of societal complexes, even society is as politically correct as the one we live in today. The institution of slavery is arguably the biggest blunder of ethics in American history, and, contrary to popular belief, it is still a major problem within the borders of the United States. “Facts about the Slave Trade and Slavery,” written by The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, embodies some earth-shaking facts about the horrors of slavery in the Pre-Civil War era. “The Polaris Project” gives some insight to its readers as to what the human trafficking statistics may be around the world today. An article by Kwiatkowski gives the reader a real-life account of a victim of the human trafficking in the very recent past. Southern America’s economy was built on the backs of slaves. Throughout the years following the nation’s birth, the cotton industry acted as a catalyst for the furtherment of its economic development. The crops that slaves helped plentify were able to become important commodities that gave a young nation legs to stand on in the arena of international commerce. Today, slavery and trafficking produces an estimated $32 billion in…show more content…
Sadly, slavery was, and still is a profitable industry for its operators. The basic structure of slavery will always remain the same; this is on the stance that slavery basically involves the use of unwelcomed labor. One thing that has changed, though, is the demographics of those who are enslaved. The legality and acceptance has luckily changed as well, for this, one might be thankful. Hopefully, for the good of humanity, we will continue to grow as humans and exterminate the practice of slavery in the
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