The Politics Of Hatshepsut In Ancient Egypt

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Hatshepsut was Egypt’s first female pharaoh. Right now we don’t even have a first women president (December 2015) but in Ancient Egypt civilization, there isn’t as much politics as now. Actually there wasn’t really any politics. 3100 years before Jesus was born, a pharaoh named Narmer was the first pharaoh of the first dynasty. He was proved to be a rich man and many people followed him. That is why he was the first pharaoh. His children were the next pharaoh and their children and so on. They reigned from when their parents died to when they died except Narmer. They had daughters. It was that they didn’t believe women would be good pharaohs. That means all the pharaohs you’ve heard about are related including Hatshepsut. Reign Hatshepsut
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