The Politics Of The Hoodie Analysis

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The Politics of the Hoodie Why do we judge a black man? Is it because they might live in a house that we wouldn’t give a second look? Or because they can’t afford the nicer things that they’d like to have? How is it their fault the for society treating them bad because sometimes they have to do bad things, things that are unthinkable to us as middle-class, just to put food on the table for one more night so their children don’t starve? They don’t walk around with their noses up because they forced their parents to buy them the new pair of shoes they just seen or expensive name brand clothing. This is not the way to go, you should not be judged because your parent’s low income job doesn’t pay for the countless items you want, but just barely the ones you need. Even when you go out to shop for clothing and come home with a brand new hoodie every once in a while is it acceptable for the people in our society to put you in a stereotype just by seeing you walking around with it on? Should they feel threatened because of the combination of your skin color and a particular color of hoodie makes them think you’re up to no good? No, you should not let these stereotypes you may or may not have obscure your view of his/her personality or intentions.…show more content…
And would you? Would that make a difference to your view at all? How would you view yourself if you were in a different skin? Would you want people to think of you how you think of them, if not then change. Don’t put it off any longer because awful assumptions like this happen daily by people, teachers, and most important the police but if you change then they might,
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