The Pollution Of The Dumping Of Waste In The City

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Everyday while cleaning kitchen remnants, plastic pieces, pieces of cloth, glass, vials, thermocol, aluminium, iron wire, tin container, tyres and other waste are removed from the homes and thrown as garbage. This garbage ultimately reaches the soil and pollutes it.
Municipal Waste:
Under the municipality, the entire city 's garbage can be found which leads to contamination of the soil. Dumping of domestic and municipal waste in cities is a serious problem. Diseases in humans such as dysentery, diarrhoea, plague, malaria and many other diseases are the result of indiscriminate dumping of waste.
Municipal waste includes garbage removed from homes; human excreta, waste of fruits and vegetables thrown in markets, waste of various industrial organizations, plant waste of gardens, dung mixed with fodder of animal shelters, garbage and sludge from street drains and gutters, and all kinds of litter generated from slaughter houses, butcher 's shop, fish market, poultry centres and leather research institutions.
Industrial Waste:
Unused chemicals and unwanted industrial waste such as lead, copper, fly ash, mud, plastic and sawdust are some unused chemicals which inhibit the growth of organic agents in the soil.
In highly industrialized countries, domestic and municipal waste comprise a fraction of total waste. The main waste there consists of industrial waste. Some of these wastes are bio-degradable, some flammable, toxic, some foul-smelling and some are inactive, but all of

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