The Pomegranate Tree In The Kite Runner

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The recurring symbol of the pomegranate tree reinforces the values of friendship in The Kite Runner. The pomegranate tree is a special place where Amir and Hassan read books and played when they were younger kids. Most of their childhood memories were made underneath the pomegranate tree on the hill. The tree that Amir and Hassan visited was a very important place for them, as the pomegranate tree symbolises their friendship. The tree was full of fruit, just as their friendship was full and rich. The friendship between Hassan and Amir changed after Hassan was raped and Amir watched the disturbing scene taking place. Amir did not stop the situation nor did he interfere, he ran away. Hassan 's rape haunted Amir as his life progressed and it would make him feel guilty when Hassan and Amir visited the tree on the hill.…show more content…
Amir continually hits Hassan with the pomegranates and as Hassan falls down Amir yells at Hassan by saying “Get up, hit me” (Hosseini, pg 86) Amir wants Hassan to hit him with a pomegranate so he can grieve his physical pain and as a punishment for his guilt towards Hassan. He does not respond to Amir and Hassan crushes a pomegranate on his head and walks back home. Their friendship goes downhill. Decades after, Amir as an adult revisits the hill near his home in Afghanistan. When Amir visits the pomegranate tree he remembers his letter from Hassan that the pomegranate tree had not produced any fruit for many years. This symbolises that the relationship between them was broken as the tree was dying. The value of friendship between Hassan and Amir naturally changed throughout the years just as the pomegranate tree’s state of health
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