The Pontiac Bandit

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Have you ever heard of the TV show, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”? Well, before you run off and start watching, just read through this review. The following synopsis describes the episode, “The Pontiac Bandit”. This episode is about Jake making a bet with Rosa. In the process, she will make a deal with a criminal so that they can catch the pontiac bandit (a car thief that Jake has been trying to catch for 8 years), while Charles makes a hilarious return to the front line after being shot. Also, Captain Holt tries to get someone to take care of two puppies. The three main points I’ll be informing you on are: the humour and plotline. Just a fair warning, however, if you have very high expectations for this show, perhaps you should lower them slightly. To start it off, I’ll be talking about the main part of the show, the humour. I would say the humour gets eight out of ten stars. I love how all of the characters are so funny and creative, but there are some parts that I feel are not suitable for modern type humour. An example is when Jake is talking with the criminal about an old album and he keeps repeating, “Papa, Lisil, Papa, Lisil, Papa, Lisil”, when talking about an old record. I did not understand this humour, so I got a little bored at this part. However, one of the parts I really enjoyed is when Charles tries to get a cup of coffee and keeps…show more content…
I give the plotline a nine out of ten stars. I like how they developed the storyline in a short period of time and ended it on a hook. I was intriguing the way they had three different storylines going on at the same time, while eventually putting all the stories together in the end while not cutting out any major parts of the story. There is only one part that could’ve been changed, it is when they went to the criminal’s house. This part wasn’t important in the storyline. Entirely, I greatly enjoyed how the director had planned out the plotline for this
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