The Poor Are But Leeches On The Rich Analysis

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Le Khuc Hoang Uyen-1AH
Essay question: “The poor are but leeches on the rich.” Do you agree?

“ To be a poor man is hard; but to be a poor man in the land of dollars is the very bottom of hardship”. This quote from W.E.B Du Bois sums up what immediately comes to my mind when I see the statement “The poor are but leeches on the rich”. Nobody chooses to be poor and likewise, nobody chooses to be overly dependent on other people. Being poverty-stricken and ripped off of any chance of a comfortable life with adequate education, healthcare and so on, poor people have suffered more than enough to be burdened with a derogatory label of ‘leeches’- meaning those who sponge on and exploit others. In my opinion, in stark contrast to ‘leeches’, poor people are not only those who deserve most support and care from society, but also share a part in the interdependent web of economy with rich people and contribute to their thrive.

Of course, this idea would be made fun of by cynics. Have I not had any faintest remnants of sanity left to realize that poor people are sandbagging the economy and have become an extra burden for rich people, who, following their overwhelming altruism, have kind-heartedly extended a helping hand and financially support these wrecked beings? Charitable groups formed by wealthy people are growing like mushrooms to help the ‘less fortunate’. Good, hard-earned money from those who work extra hours are being given freely to those without a job or a
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