The Populist Movement

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The industrial era, one filled with great inventions, working employees on the rise and a new beginning. Along with great rising, came with it many conflicts. During this time period a variety of roles were played, even young children had a role. Amongst, the variety of roles played, the most important involved business leaders and the government. With change coming so rapidly as well as corruption, laws and acts were in desperate need at this time. In terms of need and new creations, money and funding were also in high demand, without it, it’d probably been difficult to begin anything. Without look back and reminiscing old time, Americans tend to look forward and see the beginning of what would then be, a new industrial society. With a large…show more content…
Due to parties ignoring the interest and difficulties farmers were having. Amongst all the events taken place in the early nineteenth century in regards to communication and transportation i.e. the railroads. Farmers ultimately found themselves stuck in a market where they didn’t control nor understood the surroundings of it. When the movement started it was quite unnoticed, but slowly made its way to become known. Prices changing had an unpleasant effect towards the farmers which led the start of the movement. The prices for the products of farmers were declining, while the shipping rates using railroads rose. Along, with that came difficult and stressful mortgages. Despite the prices declining, they didn’t fall low compared to other commodity prices. On the other hand farmer’s purchasing power was increased. This led to the belief rates were actually falling during this time, which benefitted people shipping out…show more content…
Pay particular attention to our annexation of foreign lands and the Spanish American War. Test 1: Chapter 21 During the 1890s, the American Policies took a drastic changed. As America was known for expanding, it took a whole new turn during the 1890s. During this time the United States set in place islands that were never intended to be more than colonies in the first place. There was so much interest placed in areas further than the boundaries of the United States. Americans believed it was quite necessary to expand outwards, allowing them to give Natives guidance. The United States persuaded an expansionist foreign policy shortly after the Civil War. With the help of the secretary of state, William Seward and James Blain, the United States was able to take possession of Alaska. They also made an unsuccessful attempt to acquire Hawaii. The United States diverted Latin American trade from Europe through a series of trades. Hawaii gained America’s attention due to the fact that it was easily set in place, in between the United States and Asia. A vast amount of Americans had already settled prior to the granting of the Hawaiian Sugar free entry into the United States taking place. Shortly, it ended with the McKinley Tariff of

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