The Porter's Five Forces

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The porter’s 5 forces Description: The Porter's Five Forces tool is a simple but powerful tool to understand whether new products or services are potentially useful. With a good analyzed company’s industry structure, advantages can be taken of a situation of strength, improve a situation of weakness, and avoid taking wrong steps. Motivation: The porter’s 5 forces will be used to describe the status and the attractiveness of the e-commerce market in Germany. (Porter's Fives Forces, 2015) Critical evaluation: The drawbacks of the Porters 5 forces theory is that the pace of change is more rapid these days. Especially the change in technology which can cause disruption to a market. The Porters 5 forces is designed to provide a snapshot of a…show more content…
It determines different ‘aspects’ of customer needs, customer groups, and technologies. These three marketing concepts are sorted based on different ‘aspects’, such as age for customer groups, to their degree of importance from the cross line of a three axes. The ‘aspects’ that fall closer to the 0 axis will have a higher priority, meaning that the company should pay most attention to those first. Motivation: The Abell model tool will help us to redefine our target group in a foreign country. (Abell Model, 2015 Critical evaluation: The Abell model is a focused tool. It exists of three dimensions and therefore it does not cover all aspects such as governmental or other parties. SWOT analysis Description: SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It analyses the internal strengths and weaknesses of an organization, and external opportunities and threats faced by it. Motivation: The SWOT analysis will be used to describe the business itself. This also includes the market opportunities and threats coming from competitors. (SWOT Analysis,…show more content…
Philip Kotler suggests that viewing a product on three levels will extract the benefits of the product that you offer. This theory has various names such as total product concept, augmented product and the three levels of a product. Motivation: The product anatomy will be used to describe the product of Parcelbox4U. (Dissecting the anatomy of your brand, 2015) Critical evaluation: The tool does not provide information of how to improve. It only describes the product in three levels. Kotler’s 4 P’s of marketing Description: When organizations are marketing their products, a market research has to been done in order to avoid wrong decisions which can lead to long term impact on the success of the product. The 4P’s of Kotler will help organizations to make decisions about their product. Motivation: 4P’s of Kotler is a tool which is used in marketing to identify the strategy of an organizations on the process of bringing the product or service into the market.  Product (or Service).  Place.  Price.  Promotion. (Bruijn, 2013) Critical evaluation: The Kotler 4P’s of marketing is a useful tool to give you an overview of the

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