The Portrayal Of The Civil War In The Film Glory

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In the movie “Glory” it tells the historical story of the 54th Massachusetts Infantry. This is what to become the first black regiment that fought for the North in the Civil War. Many of the whites believed that they could not fight in the war. The reason for that was because they were slaves, in which makes them inferior to the Whites. Many of the of Blacks that fought in the war thought that if they fought in the war they would be seen as equal to the whites, but they were not. The Blacks that fought in the war was just not freemen from the North, but also escaped slaves from the South. The leader of the regiment was General Robert Gould Shaw. He was the son of Boston abolitionists. It could be seen throughout the whole movie that General Shaw cared about his soldiers and wasn’t just doing this because he was asked to. The men of the…show more content…
Within our talk about the civil war there was a discussion on what black soldiers did in the war. How at first they just did the cleanup and so on for then war, but then they became soldiers for the union and some even became soldiers for the Confederate. The blacks that where soldiers for the Confederate was force to be solders by their masters. The movie “Glory” also brings together the movie we watch, by having important people in the movie that had a part in the war. For example, one of those people where Fredrick Douglas. It even shows the burning of towns in the South that we talked about in class. The movie “Glory” opens up the eyes of the viewers by not only letting them see what the Civil War was about, but also by showing that it was like to be an black solider in the war. Then also what it was like to be a general over black’s troops during the Civil War. At the end of the movie they finally get to fight in the war, but none of them end of surviving. They still fought a war that will never be
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