The Portrayal Of The Greek Gods In Homer's Odyssey

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The tale of the Land of the Cyclopes is a very prominent feature in Odysseus’ story. Here we really see our hero show his skills in a multitude of ways. Not only does Ody trick a demigod but he also blinds him. The crew of men our protagonist brought to the island believes that they should off Polyphemus in his sleep, but in that moment Odysseus shows a higher understanding of the world. The man know that if they killed the cyclops then, they would never escape the cave because they weren’t strong enough to move the boulder that blocked the way. Instead of killing the monster, Odysseus stabs him in the eye, making it much harder for it to eat or even find him and his men. This situation shows Ody’s strength (Physical stabbing), bravery (having the guts to stab him), and intelligence (not just murdering the monster when he was vulnerable).…show more content…
In The Odyssey, Homer portrays the Greek gods in many different ways. While some desire to be feared by humans (Poseidon), others prefer to help guide mortals that they find worthy on their own journeys(Athena and Calypso). They each have their own set of characteristics like other people in the story, but usually show some sort of majesty over the vast majority. Poseidon especially seems to show that conceited and overpowering nature that we tend to associate with “higher beings”. He acts more like a power hungry god than Athena who basically acts as Odysseus’
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