The Positive And Negative Effects Of Child Divorce

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Child custody is something most people are aware of, however the impact it has on the child is less well known to the general population. The reason why people do not know about it is because this topic does not affect everyone. More than half of all recent marriages end in divorce and the numbers are rising so, in some cases, this can lead to child custody issues (Isler). Child custody is a result of parents ending a marriage and then assigned parental rights and obligations toward the child (“Understanding the Difference”). Divorce itself has many hardships on the parents as well as the child, but custody potentially creates even greater problems. Child custody can have a positive and a negative outcome on children. Most people lean more towards the idea that child custody has a negative impact because of what caused it in the first place, divorce. When parents can not come to the point where they can agree on where the child should live and other important decisions in the child’s life, guidance is required. This happens in mediation and or going to court. Generally, decisions are based on the child’s best interest (“Joint Custody”). When and if the Court gets involved, there are many factors to take into consideration. One factor is the state of residence. Child custody laws differ from state to state. Therefore, if a parent wants to file for child custody rights, the parent should be aware of the laws in their state (Wolf). From the beginning of the divorce and until
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