The Positive And Negative Effects Of Smoking Marijuana

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Quinton Malpass Anna Richardson ENG 112 5 March 2018 Effects of Smoking Marijuana Who doesn’t like a nice rolled joint? There are quite a few people that don’t like the thought of smoking this drug called marijuana because of the stigma that it has. But on the other hand, there are many people the acknowledge some unique benefits that the drug may potentially offer. Marijuana has surfaced as a hot topic among the research industry in the effort to discover the extent of the good and bad effects that the devil’s lettuce has on a person’s body, mind and emotional state. Marijuana has some positive and negative effects on the body. Some of the negative effects occur in the nervous system and the immune system. As for other negative effects, there are heart problems that come along with smoking marijuana (WebMD Pg1). As far as heart problems, smoking marijuana links to increased blood pressure, which can cause an immediate heart attack to some users, it can also increase bleeding, lower blood pressure, and effect your blood sugar also (WebMD Pg1). Some other side affects that are not that harmful are dizziness, shallow breathing, red eyes and dilated pupils, dry mouth, increased appetite, slowed reaction time. Although there is negative and some not so harmful physical effects of smoking marijuana, there are also some beneficial effects as well. Some of these benefits have treated Glaucoma, which is when there is increased pressure in the eye(Welsh). Glaucoma could lead

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