The Positive And Negative Effects Of Social Media

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Impact Social Media

In the current era of globalization no one who does not know what is social media. social media is a place where we can communicate with people far from us, such as video calls, free calls, voice notes. Not only that social media can also send photos, videos, locations, sharing stories and experiences with others. With social media we know a lot of information we 've never gotten. With social media we can also know the development of the country outside our country. With social media we can know anything we have not known before. Examples of social media itself is instagram, facebook, twitter, snapchat, path and many others. many people love social media, ranging from children, teenagers to the elderly. Social media has a positive impact and also has a negative impact.

The first impact is addiction to using social media. An example is to play games for hours so he forgets time and lazy to do activities. They prefer the world of their own. When children are playing games they forget the time, all the time they spend playing games and there is no time to learn, play with friends, teach and other positive activities. and more harmful are irresponsible content such as pornography. If children access the content then the minds of children will be disturbed.

The secind impact that is felt in the lack of communication with people around. They prefer to confine themselves and cool with their virtual world. They become indifferent to the surrounding
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