The Positive And Negative Effects Of Social Media On Teenagers

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Social media are influential in everyday life. From being a communication tool to educating teenagers on prevalent issues, there is no doubt that it is beneficial to all aspects of our life; however, in a society where everything is one touch away, is this advantageous, especially for developing teenagers? Through collecting and analyzing multiple sources of secondary research, I have seen both positive and negative impacts of using social media. Undeniably, advanced technology does assist students in completing their daily assignment, but it is also a form of distraction. While using search engines to gather needed information, most teenagers are guilty of using their social media for “quick study breaks.” In the long run, social media are…show more content…
Not only does this lower teenagers’ confidence and self-esteem, it directly exert pressure on them. In the scholarly report, “Negative Effects of Social Media on Teenager”, the writer explains the long-term effects of using social media as a teenager and presents a few suggestions to facilitate the situation. One of the main focuses throughout this report is the unreal beauty standard posted all over Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. While many compliment the aesthetic pictures and feed, they tend to ignore the fact that most famous accounts use computer applications, such as photoshop, before posting their final products. These exaggerated beauty standards are indirectly pressuring teenagers to focus more on their appearance and popularity. To combat this issue, the writer suggests, “Don’t be afraid to build friendship online which can help build direct communication i.e. talking face-to-face with another person” (“Negative Effects of Social Media on Teenagers”). One of the biggest flaws of teenagers is that they heavily rely on their social media accounts to communicate with others. If this continues, face-to-face talks will be less prevalent and replaced by messenger apps. By using this information, we can improve on the use of social media and minimize the…show more content…
Although humans are facing a communication barrier, is not entirely caused by social media. Most of the barriers come from long working-hours and commutes that are needed to afford basic needs. Tufekci explains, “...people who use social media are either also more social offline; or that they have benefitted from social media to keep in touch with people they otherwise could not” (Tufekci). In other words, social media are helping people, especially teenagers who are the biggest audience for social platforms. Now people can connect with others with similar interests across the globe and communicate instantly. People might argue that using social media is basically talking to robots, but that is not the case. It takes two or more people to form a conversation on messaging apps, so the robot is just a transmitter for the content. In conclusion, the robot is not involved in creating the content, but only transferring it from one screen to another. We can use the information obtained from this article to set limits on our proposed plan while also be able to keep the positive impacts of social

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