The Positive And Negative Effects Of Social Media

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THE EFFECTS OF SOCIAL MEDIA Social Media is a platform where we can exchange information, provide the latest information, hot news, we can learn anything depends on what we are looking for in social media. And social media is not only one type, but there are many platform that exist, here are some examples of social media: Instagram, Facebook, Line, BBM(Blackberry Messenger), Whatsapp, Path, Snapchat, Gmail, Yahoo, and etc. and it all has they own characteristics, for example if Instagram is especially useful for uploading photos and video, Snapchat to send photos and video but within 24 hours, while platforms Line, BBM(Blackberry Messenger), and Whatsapp are more enabled for chats and calls, but they can also send pictures and videos. And now almost everyone can not live without social media because it has become one of the necessities of life in this present era.

Social Media can have a negative impact on its users, because social media has a very strong impact on mental, mood, and someone’s relationship with others, one the example negative impacts is that people become anti-social because everyone is now more happy play mobile phones instead of interacting directly and this is not very good because while being eaten together, the mother and father, and the children prefer to play the mobile phone instead to talking to his family and this can make relationship between parent and child become distant.

The others negative impacts are can be used as a crime by

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