Positive Impact Of Social Media

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The Impact of Social Media

Social media are a kind of communication that based on the internet, and usually used by people for many kind of things. Social media nowadays are have a very huge impact for this era. Everyone who lives in this era, must be have social media. There are a lot of social media, for example like You Tube, Instagram, Snap Chat, Line, Whatsapp, Facebook, or maybe Face Time and iMessage for the iOS users. In this big digital era, already more than 100,000,000 people using the social media in their life, this is amazing. However how good is the social media, this things also have a negative impact for the users. We all know that in social media everyone can share everything they want to, there’s no limitation and border.
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We can learn from the YouTube videos about a lot of subject of education. Now, many lecture also make a video in YouTube and as a user of YouTube we can also see that video to study and learn more. In social media there isn’t only about formal subject of education, but we can also learn about politics, the newest political issue in our country or in other country, we’ll get the information easily from the social media. We also can learn about our hobbies like singing, listening, and how to cook, because there’s so many tutorial about that in the social media. The very huge positive or good impact of social media is make us more open minded, because we can exchange the information with other country, we get more experience, and make us more know about their culture. This things also make us more aware about the situation that happen nowadays. Because we know about the current situation we can prepare what should we do to face that problem. We all know that social media have a good and bad impact for us, so it’s back to us, how to use it. Social media always brings a good things if we use it in a good way, also bad things if we use it in a wrong way. We must beware a other people in the social media, don’t too believe with someone that we don’t know real. Social media maybe good way to communicate but better if we can communicate in real
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