The Positive And Negative Effects Of Study Habits And Academic Performance

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Study habits itself affects the Academic performance of students taking up BS Accountancy measured by their General points average (GPA). According to Nonis & Hudson (2010), Study Habits can have either positive or negative effects with academic performance because of its direct relationship with it. There is a positive effect of study habits if one’s General Percentage Average (GPA) were good or high on the other hand, if their grades are below average there is a negative impact on it. Positive or negative effect is based on grades because it represents the academic performance of each student. Every student wants to aim for a high grades, and in order to achieve it students should know how to be effective. According to the study entitled “10 habits of highly effective students”, to become an effective student, you first should learn how to study smarter and not harder. Studying smarter includes exercising study habits while studying harder simply just about studying without proper application. The vast majority of successful students nowadays get to the top because they developed and applied good studying habits. According to Broni and Hogrey (2010) as cited in the study entitled “The Effect of Study Habits on the Academic Performance of English for Academic Writing” stated that having a good study habits could help every students to improve their academic performance. In addition, many researchers had conducted a study and concluded that study habits and academic

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