The Positive And Negative Effects Of Virtual Society: Twitter And Social Media

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Language, like technology, is continuously evolving, and one of the greatest innovations due to technology is virtual society. Virtual society which can also be regarded as a social media platform, forms a vast part of many individuals’ existence. Because of how the world is rapidly evolving and changing we are almost left with no option but to use social media or be a part of virtual society if we want to communicate. Many social media outlets were created with the intention of allowing people to communicate, little realizing that it will have an impact on our use of language, which is the medium through which we communicate. According to much research that has been conducted, college students are devoted users of social networking platforms. The reason for the use of this platforms could vary, based on the intention of the student. It has been reported after much research amongst college students that Facebook is the most used virtual platform, followed by the increasing use of Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Young adults in general only view it reasonable to be involved in as much virtual platforms as possible, because it is believed that they each serve a distinct purpose from the other. The popular virtual society I have decided to elaborate on is Twitter. I will expand on what it is, the purpose of its existence, a single positive and negative effect of its use and how that has affected Language. Twitter is considered to be a free social networking or microblogging

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