The Positive And Negative Impact Of The Internet On Young Adults

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Despite with the development of technologies, the Internet has become a part of daily activities where it is one of the important things in young adult life for the past few decades. According to Yusop and Sumari (2013), most of the student have access to the Internet and used to mail, get, and to check the message. Approximately 100% of the students own computers and over 90% of the participants have various types of handheld media transmission gadgets like mobile phones or advances mobile phones. The Internet has a tremendous impact towards today 's society, especially among young adults. Its can bring either positive or negative impact towards the population. The previous study has stated that over the past decade, young adults tend to go online and at the same pace equivalent with adolescents (both 93%). Even the other age disciple like the adult 's age of 65 or older have raised the percentage of their community online, young adults have maintained as the age group that most likely to go online as the internet has developed (Lenhart, Purcell, Smith & Zickuhr, 2010). Thus, young adults are the age group who are more likely to get influenced the most by the Internet. In recent times, Internet users have an impact towards young adult 's well-being in term of loneliness, self-esteem and depressive mood. Previous studies have found that young adults who engage in the heavy internet use can develop a negative outcome like internet addiction (Vishwanathan, Malott,
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