The Positive And Negative Impacts Of Smartphones

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Humanity witnessed a significant advancement in the field of technology and science over past few decades. These huge advancements made it possible for the human race to achieve many fabulous accomplishments, walking on the moon were one of those accomplishments. In addition, the whole world experienced one of the greatest technological inventions that were just introduced into being, the smartphones. Smartphones influenced humans activity in different fields to an extend most of the people work or even their life depends on their smartphones. Supporting this fact, a study was carried out by Pew research center and implemented by Aaron Smith regarding the rate of smartphone usage in the United States alone. The research claimed that almost nearly two-thirds of Americans are now smartphone owners and about 19% of Americans are claimed to be smartphone dependent (smith, 2015). Based on many of these statistics that have been published in past couple of years, significant intensified debates groups have appeared arguing about the positive and negative impacts associated with the usage of smartphones on the society. Smartphones usage by many people is being argued between those proponents supporting its advantages like its ability to enable people to multi-task, interconnect with others and helping adult students positively engaging to difficult subjects, and those opponents supporting its disadvantages such as its high security risks, reduces people’s concentration and often

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