Physical Fitness: A Personal Analysis

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“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity,” According to John F. Kennedy, former president of the United States of America, fitness plays an integral role in the development of the human mind as well as the body. Fitness is very important in an individuals life as it helps people maintain their body mass index, build a stronger immune system, gain stamina, and increase the basal metabolic rate. At the age of 16, I followed a couple of fitness stars on social media such as Calum Von Moger, Bradley Martyn, and David Laid. They showed me how important it is to lead a healthy lifestyle and the positive advantages it has physically and mentally…show more content…
Training regularly provided me with a sense of refreshment and satisfaction of covering my daily goals. Exercising has had a positive effect on my mental health as it deviated my focus away from stress and moved towards improving my lifestyle, this allowed me to prioritize my work according and finish them on time. Physically, training has helped me transform in aspects of my increase in height and decrease in weight. It has also allowed my immune system to build stronger and train my cardiovascular system to pump blood at higher rates to have higher stamina levels. Training everyday has allowed me to participate in various soccer tournaments in high school which increased my motivation to work harder and reach higher rankings. My trainer played a key role in inspiring me by regularly motivating me, pushing me to my limits every training session, and advising me to avoid fast foods and maintaining my daily calorie intake. These training sessions helped me plan my route towards a healthier…show more content…
This allows them to build theirselves mentally, physically and intellectually. Motivation, determination and strength to push yourself above your limits are a few of the key factors required to achieve your fitness goals. With the knowledge passed on by my trainer, I learned that to adopt a fit lifestyle, one must truly want it and work hard towards achieving it. One of the challenges I faced to workout everyday was finding time throughout the day to schedule my sessions, but as I realized the importance of training regularly I made it a point to prioritize training everyday and set apart a particular time each day to train. There were times at which I got really tired and wanted to take a break from training, but the push I got from my trainer and family really helped me keep going and pushing bars ahead. There come times where you want to stop exercising, but what determines your strength is that you keep going and pushing yourself. The saying “No pain, no gain” accurately represents the lengths individuals must go through to develop themselves in the gym physically an mentally. It emphasizes the fact that to achieve your goals, you must work hard enough and keep pushing yourself to get high results over

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