The Positive Causes Of Racism

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First of all , the persons upbringing is the main cause of racism . Negative upbringing can build a lot of bad habits . According to “Can you overcome a racist upbringing?” (2007) , If you were raised by racist parents , any bad word they say about others you will not be able to forget and it will stay with you till the end of your life. Childhood memories can not be deleted by any factor. Parents have a strong effect on children , so if the children see their parents are judging people for their skin or race , and they will copy them because children are not able to know right from wrong . Moreover , children will be lacked of self esteem and they will never feel good about them selves ; they can not accept them selves even when they make…show more content…
Racism plays an essential role to make students miss school and hate instructors; as a result, they will never attend the classes because of many effects such as more absence. It can lead students to feel uncomfortable; for instance, teachers explain a lot of information when the student was not in class. Then, staying at home for long period can cause a lot of issues; for example, they feel board and aggressive with their relative. Also some of them will think about suicide. The next effect is student who not attends the classes will never pass the school, and they will fail in the whole subjects. Students hates school and teachers; on the other hand they have special psychological problems, such as fighting with others, and not studying. Students do not have any chance to learn, so they lose everything because of missing…show more content…
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