The Positive Disadvantages Of Globalization

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Globalization as basically means that countries join to each other through politics, economics, education and society (Pervez, Sultan, Akram & Khan 4). Also considering their selves not from a specific country or nationality but considering the world as a global village. Globalization connects people and governments from different parts of the world easily. But on the other hand, by immigrating to the other countries people lose their ideas, culture, and sets of beliefs by adapting to other cultures. As globalization has it’s advantages and disadvantages both, but its positive affects are beneficial to the global world and thus people support the idea of globalization such as; the positive effects of globalization on economy, culture and education and the negative effect of economy on environment (as pollution, unemployment and child labor) and finally its benefits. As globalization has its advantages in many different fields, but the most important is education and culture that is directly related to the literary standards of the people of a country. The world, where we live today has been made of different many cultures. As while people immigrate to other countries adapt to the other culture or spread their own culture in that country. Societies become more developed when the people from different countries tent to live there. Different cooking styles, recipes and cultures have been spread throughout the world due to globalization. Also different musical styles and some
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