The Positive Economic Impact Of The Music Industry

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Music is a form of human communication that has been around since the dawn of man. It is a lively, inspiring art used to express, engage, and entertain; most don’t consider its effects on a Nation’s economy. Because of the physical music industry, the accomplishments of artists and their music have a positive effect on the economy of North American countries. In the modern technology age, the palpable music enterprise (CD’s, vinyl, cassettes) faces the ever-growing music streaming industry in a competition for masses of consumers to purchase and enjoy their content; though this outlet supports a whole host of problems negatively effecting musicians and the economy. First, we must examine the positive economic effects.
Concerts and live music shows have not only a cultural impact, but a great economic impact as well. In Ontario, Canada, a study of the live music industry produced positive news for the local government, “(…) It shows that a vibrant music scene drives value in many important ways, including job creation, tourism development, brand building, and artistic growth (Henderson).” This study proves that the live industry for music increases the employment rate, increases tourism to a destination, and bolsters a musicians chances at success. These are all positive influences on a large economy; more employment means work being completed and the labor force earning the money they will eventually spend, circulating back to the local or even other economies. Tourism to

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